Analytical Services

Supplier and Intermediary Services

Consulting and Market Research

Analytical Services

Semantic Systems provides in-depth research and practical analysis services in several areas: economics, politics, technology, trade, etc. Our company has extensive experience in analytics and cooperation with European and Asian customers. Our team is ready to provide assistance to think tanks as an outsourced service.


We can find even the most difficult positions and components that are oudated and no longer in production


Better prices based on reasonable level and effective communications


Offering and purchasing from trusted sources, careful re-checks before each order

Supplier and Intermediary Services

We are happy to

supply goods and

electronics from Asia

for you

Ordering Process

Step 1

You request a quotation.

Step 2

Our manager searches positions from your quote…

Step 3

... and prepares invoice for you. Also he calculates a lead time for order.

Step 4

Payment time!

Step 5

We deliver order to you.

Step 6

Congratulations! You receive you order!

Consulting and Market Research

We know how difficult it is to start a business in a new country and in an unfamiliar market. Therefore, we are ready to provide your business with the necessary assistance and advice.

Choose from a variety of support and services options, from partnering with an on-call dedicated account manager to only tapping into custom services for specific projects. We’ll be a trusted partner and extension of your team whenever you need us.